Premium Artifical Golf Greens

Synthetic turf is not just limited to playing fields anymore. The athletic industry is embracing synthetic turf in a variety of applications to maximize performance. Agility training is taken to the next level with turf since it mimics natural grass, but also provides added resistance. Synthetic turf can be used in weight lifting areas and gym floors, in addition to the tradition application of playing fields. Athletes love it because the extra cushion reduces pressure on joints to prevent injuries. Facility owners love it because its maintenance free, its easily cleaned, and cost savings can be tremendous in the long run. TNT Greens installs artificial turf surfaces around the mid-south including Memphis, TN, Germantown, TN, Collierville, TN.



Synthetic turf can provide tremendous savings in maintenance costs for outdoor facilities. It’s a great solution for baseball halos since its durable, and its perfect for batting cages since its esthetically pleasing and mimics the look and feel of a true baseball field.



All recreational applications for synthetic turf are great options that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and maintenance free.



Synthetic turf is a great option for indoor facilities. It is often used for gym floors or weight lifting areas to improve agility training.



Synthetic grass lends itself to high performance athletics. The extra cushion that synthetic turf provides adds extra support and cushion to prevent injuries.