Premium Artifical Golf Greens

TNT Greens installs a variety of turf playgrounds in the mid-south including Memphis, TN, Germantown, TN and Collierville, Tn. all built to optimize safety for children. Facility owners are becoming increasingly aware of the added safety benefits that playgrounds with turf provide over traditional options. The synthetic turf play surface is fully ADA and ABA compliant and consistent with all U.S Consumer Product and Safety Commission requirements. It offers extra cushion to support any falls and keep children safe. We offer an infill product and impact pad product that provides ultimate shock resistance and support, while reducing surface temperatures to protect children from overheating or burns. The playground configuration is also mindful of fall zones, is lead-free and biodegradable. It’s resistant of stains, odor causing bacteria, and mold. Our playground surfaces are also offered in a variety of colorful inset options that promote sensory development such as a multi-colored butterfly. A synthetic hopscotch game can be added for extra fun and customized logos can also be built into the design.



The playground surface is soft, safe, durable over time, and maintenance free. It exceeds all safety standards and comes in a variety of configurations. We offer a variety of playground products in Memphis, Germantown, and Collierville TN.



Canopies bring a beautiful, whimsical look to any facility that can dramatically increase the aesthetic appeal of an area. Moreover, they protect individuals from harmful UV rays and can provide a cool reprieve from the direct heat of the summer or protection from rain showers.